Project co-ordinator:

Christof Timpe
Oeko-Institut e.V. - Institute for Applied Ecology
Freiburg - Darmstadt - Berlin

For general information about the E-TRACK Project please contact project assistant Liv Becker (

Oeko-Institut e.V.
PO 50 02 40, D-79028 Freiburg, Germany
Tel.: +49-761-45 295-28
Fax: +49-761-45 295-88

Website content:

Diane Lescot - Research Manager
146 rue de l'université
75007 Paris - France
Tel: +33 (0)1 44 18 00 80
Fax: +33 (0)1 44 18 00 36

For any question related to the contents of one specific workpackage, you can also contact work package leaders or main participants :

WP 1 Management
Contact : Christof Timpe, Oeko-Institute,

WP2 Tracking-related policies
Contact : Mark Draeck, IT Power,

WP 3 Tracking in New Member States
Contact : Gorazd Skerbinek, AGEN-RS,

WP 4 Cogeneration GO
Contacts : Jaap Jansen, ECN,
Koen Schoots, ECN,

WP 5 Consumer requirements
Contact : Jaap Jansen, ECN,

WP 6 Long-term developments
Contact : Christof Timpe, Oeko-Institute,
Helmut Sprongl, E-Control,

WP 7 Recommendations
Contact : Christof Timpe, Oeko-Institute,

WP 8 Communication & Dissemination
Contact : Diane Lescot, Observ'ER,

WP 9 Common Dissemination Activities
Contact : Christof Timpe, Oeko-Institute,


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