Project fact sheet

Fact sheet 


Download all reports produced in each work package :

WP2-Tracking-related policies

Report on the Inventory of Tracking Systems in Europe

Report on the Inventory of Tracking Systems in Europe
Inventory of Tracking Systems in Europe - Annex : country reports
Relevant legislative texts for all investigated countries

WP3 Tracking in new Member States

Situation NMS_Report_final

WP4-Cogeneration GO

CHP GO Report_final

WP5 Consumer requirements

Consumer requirements report

Meetings with consumer associations

WP6 Long-term developments

WP6 report on long term development of energy related certification schemes

WP7 Recommendations

Recommendations from the E-TRACK II project

Revised E-TRACK Standard, version 3.0

WP8 Communication and dissemination

National consultation workshops
A consultation process covering 29 European countries has been organised. Presentations and minutes of the workshops carried out in this context can be downloaded here.

The following articles have been written by the project team:

Elektrotehniška revija 4_2008 (SI) :
"Atributi električne energije in njihovo sledenje"

Systèmes Solaires n°189 (FR) :
"Mieux tracer l'électricité"

Article for the 6th International Conference on the European Energy Market (EEM09) :
"The state of implementation of electricity disclosure and Guarantees of Origin across Europe"

Energy World September 2009 (UK) :
"Towards an improved tracking of electricity"

" Towards a better tracking of electricity "

WP9 Common Dissemination Activities

Download the Energy Intelligent - Europe brochure on 22 projects funded by the European Commission, among which E-TRACK on page 7

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