Project documents / Legislation and stakeholder documents

The second phase of the project resulted in updated documentation and in a new version of the E-TRACK standard, please refer to page "Documents" of this website.

The E-TRACK Project outlined a comprehensive approach for all tracking requirements in the European electricity sector. The project also investigated the feasibility of a harmonised standard for tracking attributes electricity in Europe.

However, before presenting such a comprehensive system and options for harmonisation, a range of background documents have been prepared which are intensively scrutinised through the stakeholder consultation process which is part of the project.

Final report

The final report presents an overview of the final outcomes of the project.

E-TRACK Standard

The E-TRACK Standard describes the core elements of the Standard and is now available in version 2.0.


E-TRACK Glossary, August 2007, 8 pg, 131 kb

Background information documents

Analysis of existing allocation schemes, Final document, March 2006, 144 pages, 657kb
Analysis of the framework conditions for tracking, Final document, March 2006, 37 pages, 176kb

Options for the Design of Tracking Systems, August 2007, 78 pg, 542 kb

Technical System Specifications, Draft document, August 2007, 95 pg, 768 kb

Assessment of the cost of a European tracking scheme, August 2007, 39pg, 355 kb

Please see Project fact sheet and Summary slides for a brief overview.


Reports from the consultation workshops are available.

Project conference documentation

Final project conference was held on 9 March 2007 in Brussels. The Conference documentation is available.

Please note: The conference proceedings contain The E-TRACK Standard: a Proposal for a European Tracking System for Electricity as presented and discussed at the Project Conference in March 2007. The final version of the E-TRACK Standard is available in the Final report.

Articles and other publications by E-TRACK Partners

Several articles on the E-TRACK Standard have been published at national and European level, e.g. in "Energy Policy" (EU), "Systèmes Solaires" (France), "Power UK" (UK) and "Energetika" (Lithuania).

Short articles were published in several newsletters, eg:

IEE newsletter no.5 (Oct 2006)

IEE news review no.2 (Sept 2007)

Greenprices newsletter no.45 (29 Mar 2007)

E-TRACK : Entwicklung eines Standards, Bulletin SEV/VSE 16/2007 (Sept 2007)

If you want information about tracking electricity attributes, the E-TRACK Project, or any E-TRACK Project documents, please contact Mark Draeck, IT Power,

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