E-TRACK's European conference on the 26th of june 2009

On 26 June 2009, the European conference “Creating Transparency in European Electricity Markets” was successfully held in Brussels. It gathered around 100 participants and was introduced by Peter Vis, Member of Cabinet of Commissioner Piebalgs and Claude Turmes, Member of the European Parliament.

The following topics were discussed :

• EU policy objectives and the relation between green energy policies
• The implementation of electricity disclosure and Guarantees of Origin in Europe
• Consumer expectations 
• Good practice examples for tracking 
• Future development of the European Energy Certificate System
• Further requirements for the harmonisation of the tracking systems

See the agenda
Download complete set of presentations

Final conference slideshow

Other events


Workshops on tracking-related policies for consumer organisations
In order to increase the interest of consumer organisations in the issues covered by the project, two workshops for energy experts from European consumer organisations will be organised. The objective of these workshops is to explain the relevance of tracking-related policies and tracking systems to the participants, and to assist the participants in developing joint positions on the consumer requirements for tracking systems and related policies. Where possible, these workshops will be held back to back with major European consumer conferences in order to make it easier for the experts to participate. be found below.

National consultation workshops

For most of the 29 European countries, a separate full-day workshop will be held. The only exception will be a Nordic workshop, which will be held jointly for Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. This exception is based on the stronger integration of the Nordic power market, and related policies, compared to other regions in Europe. Therefore, a total of 26 workshops will be held across Europe The target group for the workshops include the following actors from the respective countries:
. Government officials, regulators
. Transmission System Operators (TSOs)
. electricity generators and suppliers
. electricity traders and operators of power exchanges
. consumer and environmental NGOs
. representatives of large consumers (industrial, commercial and public).


National workshop Date Place Country co-ordinator Documents
AT 30/06/08 Vienna
BE 27/10/08 Brussels
BG 21/10/08 Sofia,
CH 12/03/09 Bern
CY 26/01/09 Nicosi
CZ 18/02/09 Prague,
DE 14/07/08 Berlin
EE 30/10/08 Tallin
ES 23/10/08 Madrid
FR 29/07/08 Paris
GB 17/10/08 London
GR 20/02/09 Athens
HU 04/06/09 Budapest
IE 23/06/09 Dublin
IT 28/10/2008 Rome
LV 29/09/08 Riga
LT 21/10/08 Kaunas
LU 12/12/08 Luxembourg
MT 12/12/08 Sliema
NL 28/10/08 Amsterdam
Nordic 17/11/08 Stockholm
PL 22/01/09 Warsaw,
PT 18/11/08 Lisbon
RO 05/11/08 Bucarest,
SK 04/12/08 Bratislava,
SI 10/12/08 Maribor,

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